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A journalist who is finding exclusive evidence for a currently unsolved murder case. However she and her partner got lost in the woods, and she started searching for her, while searching she realized she came to where they wanted to be, the house that the victims were living. She didn't want to give up the chance she got for exclusive evidence, she approached to the house and try search for any useful materials


1.0.4 Available

- Icon and intro updated

Wear your headphones for better gameplay experiences!


This game is developed by me solely.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

GenreAction, Survival
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsFPS, Horror, Mystery
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The_Strange_House_1.0.4.rar 1 GB
Version 1.0.4

Development log


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As others have stated, the game still needs optimizations as the frames will randomly drop (Windows 10 64 bit, GTX 1060, 16gb ram).

Got locked in the study (the room with the computer showing 3 sets of numbers) after the record player disappears. The record player was repeating "Do you love me. I love you." So I walked up to it, then it disappeared. Not sure what to do since I can't leave the room.

 Also, the bug while reading a note with "R" (AFTER you pick it up with "E") still hasn't been fixed, but there's a workaround. If you press "E" on a note to pick it up, then press "R" to read it, you MUST press "R" before pressing "E" again to put it down or the note will get stuck on your screen. IF you accidentally get a note stuck on your screen, just go through the motions of reading it again (by pressing E, then R) and it should go away.


So, i played this game for a random Indie horror, and I gotta say, I really didn't enjoy the nearly 2 hours I spend on this game. (Before I get into my review, I'm sorry if I come across as harsh, but game dev's need HONEST feedback to improve so, here we go) First off, Having a stamina bar in horror for me is frowned upon unless done correct I.E Very long stamina bar and recharges very quickly or Very fast movement speed while sprinting, this game does neither of those things, Running out of stamina constantly is annoying inside and even worse outside and really kills the pacing of the game. The Flashlight was HORRIBLE, No flashlight on this planet would only allow you to see 5cm in front of your face, i've said this for awhile in my videos, Dark DOES NOT EQUAL Scary. If i can't see what i'm doing how am i supposed to play the game and see any of the time and effort put into the game. The puzzles (While some were cool) Were not explained very well especially the piano puzzle, which is where i had to give up as i couldn't figure out what to do after exhausting absolutely everything i could think of. The game is riddled with bugs, Pages on screen not going away, getting trapped in the office, icons going through objects , the works. there were a few grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too major. All in all i give this game a 4/10 It wasn't terrible, but definitely needs work. However i thank you for making a game and contributing to the community, i hope you improve as a developer and make better content. Oh btw, Please optimize your game! I have a 1080ti and get 15 frames on high, which is the recommended settings. If you're interested in my playthrough, you can watch that below. Have a nice day! 

"Dark doesn't equal scary"

Of course not, everyone knows that red equals scary ;)

Lmao, right!?

The game has an interesting idea. But I didn't get too far before being locking in the computer room. 

Here's my channel if you want to see more games I played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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good idea but i think need rework for bug 

I played for about 45 mins and it wasn't bad. But then I got into the locked room and read the marriage cert. and after hitting "r" to read I was unable to get the marriage cert off my screen. I had to exit the game... Also, if you do play there is no auto save so make sure you are saving.

Thanks for playing, sorry for the error you got, will look into it

I'm getting a 400 error from Dropbox when I try and download the game. Might need to look at it?

Sure, will look into it

Hi, the download link should be good now